December 21st, 2009

BASSROCK LIVE! @ B Side Lounge

That’s right folks!, we recorded the Bassrock set and it’s slammin!  Even though we had 5 DJ’s perform at BassRock, I’m the only one who released the recording.  If Blingfaced, S.P.E.C.T.R.E., Plan B or Elwood ever release the recording, you’ll be the first to know.  Enjoy!

Recorded live at the B Side Lounge, Boulder CO, December 12th 2009

Hajime – Loxy and Naibu (Critical Recordings)
Mikey Rocks – The Cool Kids (Chocolate Industries)
The Source – Bungle (Critical Recordings)
Spanish Sun Lounge (Sideffect8 mashup) – Bachelors of Science & Bungle vs. Bubba Sparxx
New Trainspot Era (Sideffect8 mashup) – Chook vs. Lil’ Flip & Squad Up
Tense Passed (Chook Remix) – Cern (Syndrome Audio)
Blackhole – Silent Witness (Critical Recordings)
Crackden – ST Files (Soul:r)
Diplodocus – Noisia (Quarantine)
Humanism – Shimon (Audioporn)
The Smoker – Shimon & Sparfunk (Audioporn)
Take The Force Back (Sideffect8 mashup) – Utopia vs UGK, Slim Thug, Vicious, & Middle Fingaz
It’s Going Down (Feat. Netti) – Yung Joc
Red Rain Drops – Fourward (Fokuz Limited)
Middle East (Agent Alvin Remix) – Bulletproof (Citrus Recordings)
Carnage – Fourward and Body & Soul (Virus Recordings)
Chub Sippin (Sideffect8 mashup) – Ed Rush & Optical vs. Lil Flip
Authority  – Fourward and Body & Soul (Virus Recordings)


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