May 13th, 2010

DirtLabAudio – Live, May 12 2010

Wow, what a night, 52 tracks in 2 hours!  Last night’s show was a big success.  The tracks were slamming, the people rowdy, and the internetz was on fiya!!!  Huge thanks to the Dirtlabaudio crew for giving me the timeslot, Big Big Ups to Botrytis for making the trip up to Boulder in the snow, and Big Ups to Elwood and everyone in the chatroom for hanging out.

So, without further delay, here’s the show:

Danny Elfman – Terminator Salvation Opening
Hive and Technical Itch – Detox
Three 6 Mafia – Get Ya Rob
Nu:Tone – Balaclava
Zero Method – All Right
Spectrasoul  – Alibi (Break Remix)
Three 6 Mafia – That’s Right (feat. Akon)
Spectrasoul – Dark Hour
Phace – Interplay
Integer – Multiply
Utopia vs. UGK & Slim Thugg – Take The Force Back (Sideffect8 mashup)
Zero Method – Backslider
Fourward – Maniac
Dynamic & Data – Dead Rising
Amon Tobin – El Wraith
Lil’ Flip – Dope Boy Music (feat. Squad Up)
Zeal & Litta – Rakshash (feat. Ketz)
Gridlok – Wake Up! (Black Sun Empire Remix)
Hedj – Acid Fruit
Black Sun Empire – Crash Bunny (Dose Remix)
Flame & Encode – Scary Puppets
First Person (by Errol Morris) – Fired Postal Worker (Excerpt)
First Person (by Errol Morris) – The Devil Has A Name (Excerpt)
Allied – Soul Asylum
Spectrasoul – Organiser
Icicle – Lost Hours
Integer – Divide
Dose vs. Bun B and Sean Kingston – Eye to Eye Gangsta (Sideffect8 mashup)
Counterstrike and Gein – Pentagram
Limewax – Bathwater
Dom & Roland – Come To Conquer
Digital & Outrage – Final Demand (S.P.Y. Remix)
Proktah & Future Signal – Antidote
Future Signal – Trapdoor
Allied – Age of Panic
Raiden vs. David Banner & Chamillionaire – Ball With Mind Bombers (Sideffect8 mashup)
Muffler – Pinball Fantasies (remix)
Propaganda & Meth vs. Three 6 Mafia – Rancor Chrome (Sideffect8 mashup)
MRSA – Chemicals
Lil’ Keke  & Paul Wall – Break ‘em Off
Body & Soul and Fourward – Carnage
Terminator Salvation – We’ve Been At War (Excerpt)
Phace & Misanthrop vs. Slim Thugg – Off Center Boss (Sideffect8 mashup)
Konflict – Beckoning
Dom & Roland – Mind Feeders
Dirtyphonics vs. Lil’ Flip – Lottery Chips (Sideffect8 mashup)
Fourward – Blur
Psidream & Pacific – Runway (Dose & Menace remix)
Jade – The Prey
Birdman and Lil’ Wayne – Stuntin’ Like My Daddy (Street Version)
Zero Method – External
Limewax – One of Them


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