October 29th, 2010

Live From Boulder – October 27th – REDESIGN Edition

Blaaap!! Stoked on this juan, 53 smokin tracks in 2 hours! Lotsa killer new tunes in here, lots from the latest Renegade Hardware release, Last of a Dying Breed, (for the record its easily the best RH release in years). Lots of Dirtty Dirty South rap with Lil Flip, Lil Wayne, UGK, David Banner, Snoop. Some killer new winimal tracks from June Miller, Morphy, Skeptical and Alix Perez. And big shout outs to Histibe and Megowan for the free soundcloud tunes, Governatorstep FTW!

Glitch – Autechre
Front Back – T.I. feat. UGK
Saturday – Stray
The Observer – Alix Perez
I Feel – Enei
Spellbound – Triad
Behind Time – Alix Perez
Archery – Nusense
9mm – David Banner, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne
Far Enough – Fourward
We Never Die – Solarcube
Seems Like – Riya
Daydreams VIP – Proktah
Orthodox – Gremlinz & Anile
Wood Wheel – Boss Hogg Outlawz and Slim Thugg
Poison the Well – June Miller
New Faces – Outrage
Microcosmos – Histibe
Indus Valley – The Nasha Experience & Morphy
Substixentialism – Lethal
Clouds – EBK
Back Again – Phobia &LKP
Cold One – Skeptical
Warrior – Lil Flip
Shackles – Morphy
Outcome – Nickbee
Tears of a Machine – Histibe
Storm Break – Lethal
Link to the Past – Loadstar
Gangbanger – Temper D
Ionized – The Upbeats
Level Checking – Temper D
Deep – Skynet and Vincent Inc
Rock N Roll, Baby! – Axiom
Havonavega – Anode
Moon Boot – Mow
Can’t U Tell – Lil Flip
Mutiny – Menace, Vicious Circle, Dose & Teknik
Quartz Controlled – Mind Mapper & June Miller
Multiple Minds – Allied
Shawty Say – David Banner & Lil Wayne
Shimizu – June Miller
Substance Abuse – Optiv & Mark C4C
Imagination – DJ Hidden & Switch Technique
Governator Step – Megowan
Yield – Fourward
C.T. – Sunchase
Retaliation – Stealth & Coldfusion
Be The One – Skeptical
Shards – Rockwell
Lion – Loxy
Threats and Promises – Nusense
Good Googly Moogly – Project Pat


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