February 15th, 2011

Live From Boulder – February 9

After a long hiatus from surgery on my right hand, TheWarAgainstThePublic podcast is back. Lots of fresh new tunes inside, along with some haunting ambient and orchestral tunes from Nine Inch Nails and Amon Tobin. This edition brings the dark ambient minimalism to a new-school neuro and tech sound, enjoy!

Obtrusive Thoughts In My Head – Fill
At Most Fear – Skeptical
Sunburst – ASC
Tapeworm – Data
Piece of Soul – Terry Artovsky
Iota – Notion
Abstractions – Data
Mainframe (Reboot) – ASC
Strike at the Wind – Mixmaster D.O.C. & Kevin Focus
Stampton Bridge – Amon Tobin
The Four of Us are Dying – Nine Inch Nails
Baptism of Fire – Raiden
Because – Notion
Warp – Skeptical
Danzon – Raiden
The Courier – Amon Tobin
Frozen Still – Silent Witness
End of the Road – Jim Dooley
Hypnotic State – Cymatic
Dinner With Sashsa – Jim Dooley
Without the Sun – Mizo
Into the Invisible – Kano & Allied
Tomb – Isotop
Shine – Arp XP
14 Ghosts II – Nine Inch Nails
Meet the Reapers – Amon Tobin & Jim Dooley
Into the Arch – Ble3k
Prayer – Diode
The Feeding feat. Relik – Relik & Ble3k
Echo Way – Snep
It Was A Good Day – Ice Cube
Dream Police – Skeptical
Mask of Sanity – Data
18 Ghosts II – Nine Inch Nails
1 Ghosts I – Nine Inch Nails
Explorers – Blue Motion
Release – Soul Intent
Rodent Bait – Endocriner
Reactor – Diode
Attack of the Analog – Ble3k
Robocop – NSL
Twighlight – DLR
Tevetron – Jubei
Reproduction Process – Mizo
Vengeance feat. 2Shy MC – BTK
Full Metal Jacket – S.P.Y.
Genesis – Amon Tobin & Jim Dooley
Hammerhead – Hedj
Ground Hole Day VIP – Rregula
Run It Red – Ryme Tyme
Motrik – Proton Kid
Burn and Rise – Panic Girl
Probe Bot – Proton Kid


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