June 10th, 2010

DirtLabAudio – Live June 9 + Bonus Mix

Big Ups to DJ SMallz & Jack Spade from Rinsetigator Radio on BassJunkees.com.  The guys ripped shit up with me last night in the boulder studio.  Check out the 80 minute b2b session, along with a bonus mix of mine recorded live May 26th.

Be sure to check out DJ Smallz & Jack Spade playing tonight at Sutra in Denver.

DJ Smallz & Jack Spade b2b Sideffect8

Hazard – All I Can Say
Teebee – Brainwaves
Devo – Time Out For Fun
Strategy – Opus
N.Phect – Jewel
Unk – (white label)
Groundwork – ?
Brockie & Ed Solo – Lost Bass
Unk – (white label)
Millowy – Warface
DJ Fresh & Pendulum – Kingston Vampires
Slum Dogz – The Fire
Ed Rush  & Optical – High Top
Phobia – All Points North
Phace & Misanthrop – Off Center
Phobia & Jubei – Guillotine
Audio & Future Signal – Furyen
Dirtyphonics – Lottery
v2E – 50000 Watts
Ed Solo & Decline – Good Looking Girl
Panik feat. Iksel – Malaga
Faction – Salty DnB
Sideffect8 Bonus Mix
(recorded/broadcasted live May 26th on Dirtlabaudio.com)

Zero Method – Time Worm
Allied – Lifeforms
Flame & Encode – Sonde 2012
Baby Boy Da Prince – The Way I Live (feat. P Town Moe)
Royalle Hype – Do It
Noisia – Thursday
Phace & Misanthrop – My Arae
T.I. – U Don’t Know Me
N.Phect & Fourward – White Noise Down
Amon Tobin and Dom & Roland – Sylo
Noisia & Amon Tobin – Sunhammer
Mindscape & Solarcube – Stand Your Ground
Kano & Allied – Into The Invisible
Rusher – Impact
Noisia & Phace – Outsource (Misanthrop remix)
Predator & Falcon – Shadowdepth
Fourward – Nasty Jokes
Instra:Mental – No Future
Lil’ Flip – Fly Boy
Verbal – The Excorcist


June 7th, 2010

BassJunkees.com – Live June 6

Big shout out to the Rinsetigator Radio crew on BassJunkees.com for having me out yesterday!!  DJ Smallz and Jack Spade hold it down every Sunday from 6-8pm on Bassjunkees.com, and I was fortunate enough to play their first hour.  Big thanks for everyone that tuned in.  The stream cut out for a second, so the sets are in three parts.

Check the set:
Sideffect8 pt.1: http://www.podjunkees.com/download/942
Sideffect8 pt.2: http://www.podjunkees.com/download/943
DJ Smallz b2b Jack Spade: http://www.podjunkees.com/download/944