November 23rd, 2010

G’in N Hustlin’ – Out Now

Yeyah!, longtime guest, Jungle Bum, and producer extraordinaire Dirt Monkey just released his new album, G’in N Hustlin’, on Prime Dub Records. Get it while it’s hot on beatport, Blaap!!

June 24th, 2010

DirtLabAudio – Live from Boulder, June 23rd

Yeyah, Dirt Monkey from the Jungle Bums crew rocked out in the studio with me last night.  Lots of deep, dark, minimal dnb in the first hour, with new tunes from Rockwell, Nymfo, and Audio & Meth.  The Tribe Called Quest Remix around min 45 is heavy!, but make sure to stay tuned for some heavy heavy breakz by Dirt Monkey in the second hour.


Autechre – Leterel
Mosus & S.P.Y. – Cold 909′s
June Miller & Anile – Glass of Greed
Rockwell – Full Circle
Sam Kdc – Truth Be Told
Nymfo & Cern – Proton Pack
Psidream, Bulletproof & Dose – Line of Sight (Misanthrop Remix)
Hydro, FD, Keza – Canopy
Rockwell -  My War
Jim Jones – We Fly High
Meth – Narler
State of Mind & Trei – Dirt
Audio & Meth – Rampage
Triad – The Essence
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Hide The Tears
Data – Skinwalkers (feat. DJ E & Dynamic)
Flame – Afterhours
A Tribe Called Quest – Push it Along
Nymfo – Bionic Fingers
Kabuki & Jeru The Damaja – Watch Your Step
Nymfo – Off The Radar
Two Fingers – Doing My Job
Consequence – Psuedo Echo


Cyantific – Ghetto Blaster
Verbal – The Exorcist
Ed Rush & Optical – Chubrub
Bungle – Too Late (Logistics & Kasra VIP)
Fresh & Pendulum – Kingston Vampires
Sub Focus – Deep Space
Dirtyphonics – Vandals
Ed Rush & Optical – G-Force Jesus
Dom Almond-On The Mic
??? – Drop Control
???-Who’s Afraid of Detroit (Stanton Warriors remix)
??? – Night of the Flavigator
DJ Mutiny – ?
Dirt Monkey – Under Mi Sensi
Noisia – The Tide
Break – Submerged (Calyx & Teebee)


June 23rd, 2010

Dirt Monkey vs. Sideffect8, live tonight 7-9pm

Tune in to tonight for an exclusive Dirt Monkey vs. Sideffect8 dark dnb session. Hailing from Boulder CO, Dirt Monkey has been tearing up the DnB, Dubstep, and Breakz scene with the Jungle Bums crew. , tonight June 23, streaming live 7-9pm mst


(Mindblowing, i know….)

Next week, June 30th, an EXCLUSIVE WarAgainstThePublic mix from DESPISE!!!

June 15th, 2010

June 16 – Family Moons Radio

Sorry folks, but TheWarAgainstThePublic live on Dirtlabaudio will not be airing tomorrow night.  However, I’ll be playing live on Family Moons Radio with the legendary Jungle Bums crew.  Tune in from 9-11pm mst on to hear exclusive mixes from myself, Elwood, Shank Aaron, and Dirt Monkey.  This will be an awesome set, we’ve all prepared original unheard material, uh!

April 15th, 2010

BACARO – Boulder, April 20th

Are you missing DNB as much as we are lately?

So after a massive day of smoking reefer all day, eat a snack take a nap and come down to BACARO for a night of banging Drum and Bass from the Jungle Bums all stars:

Plan B vs Elwood (been so long they don’t remember what each other looks like naked anymore)

Dirt Monkey (had to look up Bad Company on wikipedia)

Sideffect8 (furiously working on Winger/aphrodite mashups)

awesome drink specials, banging soundsystem and all fo freeeee

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 10:00pm

BACARO: 921 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO‎