October 6th, 2011

VOL 18 – Live from Denver Oct 5 2011

Volume 18!  Really happy with how this one turned out.  Tons of deep, creeping, bottom-heavy minimal tunes from Fade, Es.tereo, Triad, Anile, Blue Motion and Synth Sense to start things out, followed by some deep rollers with groovy horn solos,  new tracks from the last Cool Kids release and a little Massive Attack to even things out, and then some crushing hardstep bangers by Forbidden Society, Zero Method, and Blockhe4d. Enjoy!

57 tracks in 2 hours!

Symbol #2.4 – ASC & Bvdub
The Time Between Us – Nuage
Synth Sense – Synth Sense
Future Proof – Massive Attack
Despirados – Blue Motion
Best Friends In Love (Bachelors of Science Remix) – Silver Swans
Next Level – Synth Sense
Past, Present, Future – Triad & Synth Sense
Crooked – Triad
Sanctum – Fade & Kano
Left Hand of God – Blue Motion
After Dark – Synth Sense
Desert Dub – Morphy & Ges E
Thunderstorm – Fade
Excalibur – Es.tereo & Dakosa
Virus Invasion – Ena
Agypt – Es.tereo
Life is the Show – Getz
Hopetoun Bridge – Cern
Don’t Move – Arp XP
Something Wrong – Arp XP
Last March – Anile
Silkworm – ASC
Black Cat (Total Science Remix) – Danny Howells
Out of Nowhere – Break
Day Away – Against
Summer Jam (feat. Maxine Ashley) – The Cool Kids
4 The Love of – Grinda
Walking Away – Remo, Grimm & Blue Motion
Rebel at Heart – MOW & Global
Call My Name – Blueprint & Severity Zero
Adventures of the Junglist – Kraaska
Penny Hardaway (feat. Ghostface Killah) – The Cool Kids
Double Dipped – Code 3
Spectrum – Survival, DLR & Octane
Re-Vengeance – Nusense
What Remains? (Feat. Dabs) – Cern
Still Waters – Caine & Kantyze
Human Being – Cern
Rising Man – Zero Method
3d Action – Fade & Abiotic
N-Sphere – Allied
Reckless – Cause 4 Concern
Centershock – Polarity
Turrican (Optiv Remix) – The Sect
Control – Current Value & Forbidden Society
Kisses & Lies – Blockhe4d
Double Damage – Forbidden Society
No Future – Perfect Unknown
Afrika – Forbidden Society
Berlin – Loadstar
Absolute Power – Hybris & Presence Unkown
Shield – The Insiders
Spartan (Noisia Remix) – Icicle
Nemiga – Fade
Orientation – Landscapers
Disconnected – Apex


August 3rd, 2011

Vol 17 – Live From Denver

Volume 17!  Live from July 20th, i’m rocking 3 decks on my new Serato SL4.  A very leftfield / dubby intro with a lot of new Marcus Intalex, Bulb, Dub Phizix, Amon Tobin, Blue Motion and Kr4y.  Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack provides some nice cinematics, and stay tuned for a crazy Paul Wall vs. Blue Motion mashup around the 1hr 30 min mark.

And! don’t forget ASC @ club 2200 in Denver, Friday Aug 12.

53 Tracks in 2 hours!

Boards of Canada – Amo Bishop Roden
Technical Itch – Winter
Nine Inch Nails – Me, I’m Not
Technical Itch – Stonebreaker
Instra:Mental – Rift Zone
Cooh – Twins
ASC & Bvdub – Symbol #2.4
Es.tereo – G1.9
Cern – Shedding Skin
Daft Punk – Rinzler
Blue Motion – Untold Secrets
Amon Tobin – Lost & Found
UGK – Pimpin’ Aint No Illusion
Bulb – Lonely Gravity
ASC – Untitled 1
Mow – Blue Saturday
Bulb – Default Settings
Mow – Blue Saturday (Triad Remix)
Marcux Intalex & Riya – Regrets
Fourward – You & Me
Trap Starz Clik – Ballin Smashin
Marcux Intalex & S.P.Y. – Celestial Navigation
Anile – Change of Direction
Glen E Ston – The Final Frontier
Seba & Physics – Before I Can Breathe
SpectraSoul – Reminiscence
BTK – Not Going Back
Grimm & Nusense – Denile
Diamond Eye & Spindall – Whispers
Dub Phizix – Breathe
Dub Phizix – Out There
Lethal – Astral Slide (Subliminal & Alxr Remix)
Kr4y – Red Alert
Cause4Concern – Lifelike
Axiom – Anima
Bungle – Don’t Look Back
Diamond Eye & Spindall – Harmonic
Intelligent Manners – The Game
Notion – Mistrust
Fade – Druid
State of Mind – Temporal 96
Paul Wall (feat. Mark G., Kyle Lee) – My Life
Blue Motion – Miles Away
Daft Punk – Disc Wars
Kr4y – Chaindrive
Allied – N-Sphere
Flame & DP3 – Isolation
Allied – Isomer
Pessimist – Ganesha
Eiton – Grads
Dissect – Moulin (Lethal Remix)
Vicious Circle – Between the Lines
Zero Method – Marco Polo


September 23rd, 2010

Live From Boulder – Sep 22, Special Recovery Edition

Yeeeeuuuuuhhh, comeback show!

As some of you might have noticed, I’ve been away from the decks for the past 5 / 6 weeks from tendinitis in my right wrist.

The wrist is better, and last night was the official comeback show. Tons of heavy tunes for the 2 hours, including alot of new minimal from Raiden & Khanage, Displaced Paranormals 3, and all the banging new techstep off of Germany’s Perkussiv label.

Rsidio – Autechre
Reflections – Skream, dBridge & Instra:mental
8798 – Raiden & Khanage
Delta Ops – Displaced Paranormals 3
Comatose (V2.0 by Eat Static) – Front Line Assembly
Gangsta Gangsta – N.W.A.
Amnesia Haze – Raiden & Khanage
Eron – Displaced Paranormals 3
Selfess (remastered) – Sam Kdc
If I could Tell You (Stray remix) – Blu Mar Ten
Tajitsu – Noisia and Dom & Roland
Searching For An Answer (Sam Kdc Rethink) – Notion
Predator (Final Mix) – Front Line Assembly
Godless – Ash
The Ubiquity Incident – ASC
Detroid – dBridge & Instra:mental
Bedlam – Optiv & Mark C4C
K Zero 9 – Outrage
Demon Seed (S.P.Y. remix) – Exocet
Ploc Monster – Total Science & S.P.Y.
Monomania – Ink
Infrasonic – Ulterior Motive & Judda
Seven – DLR & Octane
Surrealism – Arp XP
Shanti – Digital & Morphy
Click Click – Direct Feed, Mainframe & Prolific
Breach – Zero T & Ulterior Motive
Zero Hour – Allied
Trademark Mirror – Amex
Everything is Waves – The Sect
Smoke Screen – Optiv
Espionage – Future Signal
Neptune – N.Phect & Hedj
Voices VIP – The Sect
Glitchbitch – Royalston
Restless – Pyro
Telos (Skynet Remix) – Amex
Into the Invisible – Kano & Allied
The Mirror – Anode
Kids That Want to Battle – Prodigal Son, C-Rayz Walz, Critical & Prolific
Make or Break – Outrage
Condors – Vicious Circle
Stamped – Digital & Outrage
Square One – Allied & Kantyze
L’amore – Displaced Paranormals 3
The Devil’s Instant (DJ Hidden’s Other Side Remix) – DJ Hidden
Kraken – Bong-Ra
Generator – Uman & BTK
Kolga – Muffler
Pistolwhip (Stratus Remix) – Dieselboy
High Technology – Davip & Encode


June 28th, 2010

DirtLabAudio – July Schedule

Tune in this Wednesday for an Exclusive DJ Despise mix, only on TheWarAgainstThePublic!!

June 31-        Despise Exclusive Mix
July 7th-        Reduxn Pre Party with ELWOOD
July 14th-      Jungle Bums Pre Party
July 21st-       (Archives)
July 28th-      TBA

June 24th, 2010

DirtLabAudio – Live from Boulder, June 23rd

Yeyah, Dirt Monkey from the Jungle Bums crew rocked out in the studio with me last night.  Lots of deep, dark, minimal dnb in the first hour, with new tunes from Rockwell, Nymfo, and Audio & Meth.  The Tribe Called Quest Remix around min 45 is heavy!, but make sure to stay tuned for some heavy heavy breakz by Dirt Monkey in the second hour.


Autechre – Leterel
Mosus & S.P.Y. – Cold 909′s
June Miller & Anile – Glass of Greed
Rockwell – Full Circle
Sam Kdc – Truth Be Told
Nymfo & Cern – Proton Pack
Psidream, Bulletproof & Dose – Line of Sight (Misanthrop Remix)
Hydro, FD, Keza – Canopy
Rockwell -  My War
Jim Jones – We Fly High
Meth – Narler
State of Mind & Trei – Dirt
Audio & Meth – Rampage
Triad – The Essence
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Hide The Tears
Data – Skinwalkers (feat. DJ E & Dynamic)
Flame – Afterhours
A Tribe Called Quest – Push it Along
Nymfo – Bionic Fingers
Kabuki & Jeru The Damaja – Watch Your Step
Nymfo – Off The Radar
Two Fingers – Doing My Job
Consequence – Psuedo Echo


Cyantific – Ghetto Blaster
Verbal – The Exorcist
Ed Rush & Optical – Chubrub
Bungle – Too Late (Logistics & Kasra VIP)
Fresh & Pendulum – Kingston Vampires
Sub Focus – Deep Space
Dirtyphonics – Vandals
Ed Rush & Optical – G-Force Jesus
Dom Almond-On The Mic
??? – Drop Control
???-Who’s Afraid of Detroit (Stanton Warriors remix)
??? – Night of the Flavigator
DJ Mutiny – ?
Dirt Monkey – Under Mi Sensi
Noisia – The Tide
Break – Submerged (Calyx & Teebee)


June 23rd, 2010

Dirt Monkey vs. Sideffect8, live tonight 7-9pm

Tune in to Dirtlabaudio.com tonight for an exclusive Dirt Monkey vs. Sideffect8 dark dnb session. Hailing from Boulder CO, Dirt Monkey has been tearing up the DnB, Dubstep, and Breakz scene with the Jungle Bums crew.

http://Dirtlabaudio.com , tonight June 23, streaming live 7-9pm mst


(Mindblowing, i know….)

Next week, June 30th, an EXCLUSIVE WarAgainstThePublic mix from DESPISE!!!

June 3rd, 2010

DirtLabAudio – Live June 2 2010

Killer set last night with Denver’s Botrytis!!

We ripped through 50 tracks in 2 hours.  A nice balance of Rollers, Techstep, Neurofunk, Amens, Hardstep, and even some Hip Hop.  Big ups to DirtLabAudio.com for hosting the broadcast.

Consequence – Flashes [EXIT]
Solarcube – At The End Of Time [Wayside Recordings]
Mindscape – Vibrations [Commercial Suicide]
Solarcube – Gentle Breeze  [Wayside Recordings]
Big Bud – Biggest Buddhist [Soundtrax Records]
Cutworks – Armada [Fokuz Recordings]
Data – The Visitor [Deep Soul Music]
Digital & Outrage – Final Demand (S.P.Y. Remix) [Function Records]
Ed Rush & Optical – Crackball [RUN DNB]
Chook & Bassrk – Grayskull [Full Force Recordings]
Skynet – Atlantis [Full Force Recordings]
Cause 4 Concern – Research (Usual Suspects Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
Rregula – Eyes Turn Black [Full Force Recordings]
Chook – Trainspot [Full Force Recordings]
Enei – Z Grab [Medschool]
Digital & Outrage – Sensor [Function Records]
Eveson – Dirty Habits [Future Thinkin Records]
Eveson – So Fine [Liquid V]
High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [Hospital Records]
Hobzee and Zyone Base – Black & White Movie  [IM:LTD]
D Product – Telemetry [Full Cycle Recordings]
Dom & Roland – Jungle Beast [Dom & Roland Productions]
Solarcube – Squealer [Wayside Recordings]
Crime Mob – Go To War feat. Lil’ Scrappy & Pimp C [Reprise Records]
Evol Intent – Unexplained Sound feat. Demo [Evol Intent Recordings]

Sidechain – Grotesque [Syndrome Audio]
Lenzman – Flamethrower [Soul:R]
Lomax – Artisan VIP [RAM Records]
Logistics – West Country [BBE]
Nero – Electron [MTA Records]
Netsky – Secret Agent [Hospital Records]
Decimal – Arcana [Citrus Recordings]
Solarcube – Behind The Darkness [Wayside Recordings]
Bun B – Pop It For Pimp feat. Juvenile & Webbie [Rap-A-Lot Records]
Phace & Misanthrop – My Arae [Neosignal]
Amon Tobin and Dom & Roland – Sylo [Dom & Roland Productions]
Majistrate – Ice Cream [Chronic]
Trei – Thunder Biscuit [Samurai Music]
Top Cat – No Sensi Today (Serum Mix) [Streetlife]
Spectrasoul – Insignia [EXIT]
Serum & Bladerunner – Snakefist [Creative Source]
Vicious Circle – Havana [Digital Soundboy Recording Co]
Spectrasoul – Mimic [Subtitles]
Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre – Gin & Juice [Death Row Records]
Evol Intent – Glock Party [Lifted]
Mindscape & Jade – Banshee [Citrus Recordings]
SPY & Total Science – Above The Clouds [Shogun Audio]
Muffler – Pinball Fantasies (Remix) [Hospital Records]
Influx Datum – Back For More [Drum and Bass Arena]
Shy FX feat. David Boomah – On The Run [Digital Soundboy Recording Co]
Errol Morris 1st Person (Excerpt) – The Devil Has a Name


May 13th, 2010

DirtLabAudio – Live, May 12 2010

Wow, what a night, 52 tracks in 2 hours!  Last night’s show was a big success.  The tracks were slamming, the people rowdy, and the internetz was on fiya!!!  Huge thanks to the Dirtlabaudio crew for giving me the timeslot, Big Big Ups to Botrytis for making the trip up to Boulder in the snow, and Big Ups to Elwood and everyone in the chatroom for hanging out.

So, without further delay, here’s the show:

Danny Elfman – Terminator Salvation Opening
Hive and Technical Itch – Detox
Three 6 Mafia – Get Ya Rob
Nu:Tone – Balaclava
Zero Method – All Right
Spectrasoul  – Alibi (Break Remix)
Three 6 Mafia – That’s Right (feat. Akon)
Spectrasoul – Dark Hour
Phace – Interplay
Integer – Multiply
Utopia vs. UGK & Slim Thugg – Take The Force Back (Sideffect8 mashup)
Zero Method – Backslider
Fourward – Maniac
Dynamic & Data – Dead Rising
Amon Tobin – El Wraith
Lil’ Flip – Dope Boy Music (feat. Squad Up)
Zeal & Litta – Rakshash (feat. Ketz)
Gridlok – Wake Up! (Black Sun Empire Remix)
Hedj – Acid Fruit
Black Sun Empire – Crash Bunny (Dose Remix)
Flame & Encode – Scary Puppets
First Person (by Errol Morris) – Fired Postal Worker (Excerpt)
First Person (by Errol Morris) – The Devil Has A Name (Excerpt)
Allied – Soul Asylum
Spectrasoul – Organiser
Icicle – Lost Hours
Integer – Divide
Dose vs. Bun B and Sean Kingston – Eye to Eye Gangsta (Sideffect8 mashup)
Counterstrike and Gein – Pentagram
Limewax – Bathwater
Dom & Roland – Come To Conquer
Digital & Outrage – Final Demand (S.P.Y. Remix)
Proktah & Future Signal – Antidote
Future Signal – Trapdoor
Allied – Age of Panic
Raiden vs. David Banner & Chamillionaire – Ball With Mind Bombers (Sideffect8 mashup)
Muffler – Pinball Fantasies (remix)
Propaganda & Meth vs. Three 6 Mafia – Rancor Chrome (Sideffect8 mashup)
MRSA – Chemicals
Lil’ Keke  & Paul Wall – Break ‘em Off
Body & Soul and Fourward – Carnage
Terminator Salvation – We’ve Been At War (Excerpt)
Phace & Misanthrop vs. Slim Thugg – Off Center Boss (Sideffect8 mashup)
Konflict – Beckoning
Dom & Roland – Mind Feeders
Dirtyphonics vs. Lil’ Flip – Lottery Chips (Sideffect8 mashup)
Fourward – Blur
Psidream & Pacific – Runway (Dose & Menace remix)
Jade – The Prey
Birdman and Lil’ Wayne – Stuntin’ Like My Daddy (Street Version)
Zero Method – External
Limewax – One of Them


May 10th, 2010

DirtLabAudio – New radio show!!

Hey folks,

It’s been awhile since my last post, but the good news is TheWarAgainstThePublic has a new radio show on Dirtlabaudio.com, premiering this wednesday night, 7-9pm mst.  Tune in!

Tune in Wednesdays, 7-9pm mst