October 6th, 2011

VOL 18 – Live from Denver Oct 5 2011

Volume 18!  Really happy with how this one turned out.  Tons of deep, creeping, bottom-heavy minimal tunes from Fade, Es.tereo, Triad, Anile, Blue Motion and Synth Sense to start things out, followed by some deep rollers with groovy horn solos,  new tracks from the last Cool Kids release and a little Massive Attack to even things out, and then some crushing hardstep bangers by Forbidden Society, Zero Method, and Blockhe4d. Enjoy!

57 tracks in 2 hours!

Symbol #2.4 – ASC & Bvdub
The Time Between Us – Nuage
Synth Sense – Synth Sense
Future Proof – Massive Attack
Despirados – Blue Motion
Best Friends In Love (Bachelors of Science Remix) – Silver Swans
Next Level – Synth Sense
Past, Present, Future – Triad & Synth Sense
Crooked – Triad
Sanctum – Fade & Kano
Left Hand of God – Blue Motion
After Dark – Synth Sense
Desert Dub – Morphy & Ges E
Thunderstorm – Fade
Excalibur – Es.tereo & Dakosa
Virus Invasion – Ena
Agypt – Es.tereo
Life is the Show – Getz
Hopetoun Bridge – Cern
Don’t Move – Arp XP
Something Wrong – Arp XP
Last March – Anile
Silkworm – ASC
Black Cat (Total Science Remix) – Danny Howells
Out of Nowhere – Break
Day Away – Against
Summer Jam (feat. Maxine Ashley) – The Cool Kids
4 The Love of – Grinda
Walking Away – Remo, Grimm & Blue Motion
Rebel at Heart – MOW & Global
Call My Name – Blueprint & Severity Zero
Adventures of the Junglist – Kraaska
Penny Hardaway (feat. Ghostface Killah) – The Cool Kids
Double Dipped – Code 3
Spectrum – Survival, DLR & Octane
Re-Vengeance – Nusense
What Remains? (Feat. Dabs) – Cern
Still Waters – Caine & Kantyze
Human Being – Cern
Rising Man – Zero Method
3d Action – Fade & Abiotic
N-Sphere – Allied
Reckless – Cause 4 Concern
Centershock – Polarity
Turrican (Optiv Remix) – The Sect
Control – Current Value & Forbidden Society
Kisses & Lies – Blockhe4d
Double Damage – Forbidden Society
No Future – Perfect Unknown
Afrika – Forbidden Society
Berlin – Loadstar
Absolute Power – Hybris & Presence Unkown
Shield – The Insiders
Spartan (Noisia Remix) – Icicle
Nemiga – Fade
Orientation – Landscapers
Disconnected – Apex


December 9th, 2010

Winter Minimal Mix

Winter Minimal mix 2010!! Lots of Downtempo, deep, dark, soulful, minimal drum n bass inside mixed in with some Tribe Called Quest, Diggable Planets, Groove Armada, Massive Attack, Alicia Keys, Kid Cudi, and (yes) Phil Collins (PhilCollinstep FTW!!!).

I played a charity show for the Movember foundation a few weeks back, so if you were at that show, you’ll recognize a bunch of these tunes.

This is the last mix I’m putting out this year, and maybe for some time to come, as I’m recovering from surgery on my right wrist, (which is why this mix took so long to post). Anyways, enjoy!

L’amore – Displaced Paranormals 3
Diaries of the World Exchange – Nuage
Afterglow (dBridge’s Faded Light remix) – Phaeleh & Soundmouse
Lessons to Become – Anile
Safe From Harm – Massive Attack
The Ubiquity Incident – ASC
Reflections – Skream, dBridge & Instra:Mental
No One – Alicia Keys
Far Reaches – Hydro & Naibu
Deeper – B Cloud
Real Deal – Genotype
Lure – Gerwin & Suree
Everywhere – Common
8798 – Raiden & Khanage
Inside My Mind (Blue Skies) – Groove Armada
From a Distance – ASC & Consequence
Never Together – Anile
In The Air Tonight – Phil Collins
Cold One – Skeptical
The Essence – Triad
Stressed Out – A Tribe Called quest
Stand By – Naibu
Zebras Crossing Road – Blue Motion
Autoreceptor – ASC
Empire State of Sincetta (Sideffect8 mashup) – Alicia Keys vs Plaid
If I Could Tell You (Stray Remix) – Blu Mar Ten
Afternight – Sense & Solarcube
Fiasco – Triad
Rebirth of Dark Skies (Sideffect8 mashup) – Diggable Planets vs. Axiom
Minimized (Dominic Ridgway’s Microsized Remix) – Kantyze
>>>Rebirth of Slick – Diggable Planets
Machine – Figa & Mdub
Inertia Creeps – Massive Attack
Amnesia Haze – Raiden & Khanage
Tapeworm – Data
Metronomic – ASC
The Visitor – Data
Claremon Lounge – Bubba Sparxxx, Cool Breeze & Killer
Spellbound – Triad
Epilogue – Loxy & Mortem
Reality Check – ASC
Soundtrack 2 My Life – Kid Cudi
Play It Safe – Polar
Believe in You – Joe Syntax
Clap Your Hands – A Tribe Call Quest


September 15th, 2008

September Downtempo

Recorded Sep ’08

September Downtempo is really a sequel to Blue Notes Dark Beats; heavy on the downtempo, but instead of dnb tunes from Beechwood Music’s Drum n Bass 6 pack there’s alot of older, jazzier Renegade Hardware tunes that don’t get alot of play.

Massive Attack – 5 Man Army
Decoder – Falling
Ice Minus & Decoder – Drowning
Future Cut – Busted
Jurassic 5 – Freedom
D Product – Telemetry
Prefuse 73 – Class of ’73 Bells (Feat. School of 7 Bells)
Cause 4 Concern – Blindside
Future Cut & Marcus Intalex – Plastic
Future Cut – Whiplash
Photek & Die – Thunder
High Contrast – Global Love
AK1200 – Dawn Raid
Plaid – Sincetta
Johnny L – Part of U
Usual Suspects – Tribute
Hidden Agenda – Relentless
Die – Rollerball
Future Cut – Ghetto Style
Squarepusher – 8,
Gnarles Barkley – Who Cares


July 10th, 2008

Blue Notes Dark Beats

Recorded July ’08

I’ve had alot of good feedback on this mix, especially from the non-DrumnBass heads.  This mix features alot more downtempo, and most of the DnB comes from Decoder’s Concussion EP or from the Essential Drum n Bass 6 cd pack from Beechwood Music.


Chemical Brothers – One Too Many Mornings
Tricky – Evolution Revolutin Love (Feat. Ed Kowalczyk)
AK1200 – Junior’s Tune (feat. Junior Reid)
Reagan & Carter – Changes
Amon Tobin – Easy Muffin
Decoder – Silent
Facs – Live & Direct
Massive Attack – Rsingson
The Mars Hall – Fierce
Decoder – Relapse
Groove Armada – Blue Skies (feat. RJD2)
Amon Tobin – Four Ton Mantis
Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps
Decoder – Bounty Hunter
Jurassic 5 – Sum of Us
Ram Trilogy – Evolution
Prefuse 73 – Matriminoids
Sasha – Baja
Universal Flava – Jazz Creation
Ko-Wrektion – Behavior (Prefuse 73 remix)
Jurassic 5 – Concrete Schoolyard


November 7th, 2007

Hasir Mix

Recorded Nov ’07


What can i say, my first completed mix.  A bit all over the place, starting out with lots of downtempo and hip hop and then moving into some drum n bass, and even some old Eat Static for good measure.  Highlights include the Canvas Records (Something for the Dancefloor / Carjacker) vs. Public Enemy mashup, along with the EPS & 2vibe vs. Kanye West mashup, enjoy!

hasir cover Hasir Tracklisting

01 The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste MC Shan 4:54
02 Hasir Modeselektor 2:05
03 Original Leftfield 3:49
04 Someday T. Raumschmiere 1:02
05 At the End of the Day Amon Tobin 2:46
06 Building Steam with a Grain of Sand DJ Shadow 2:55
07 Safe from Harm Massive Attack 3:49
08 Keep Your Distance Amon Tobin 3:00
09 Tusk Decoder 1:33
10 Carjacker (Ram Trilogy Remix) Billy Lo 1:02
11 Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos Public Enemy 5:03
12 Something for the Dancefloor (Stakka & Skynet Remix) Funk Parlor :50
13 Run’s House RUN-DMC 2:48
14 Stick Up Kid Mulder 1:02
15 Deep Cover (Instrumental) Dr. Dre 1:28
16 Keep it Real EPS &2Vibe 1:44
17 Deep Cover (Uncensored) Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg 3:44
18 Dionysiac Eat Static 2:47
19 Playground Shades Aphrodite 2:15
20 Can I Count it Off? Mulder 3:07
21 Street Knowledge Evol Intent 1:23
22 El Wraith Amon Tobin 4:31
23 Nigga wit a Gun Dr. Dre 3:07
24 Rip Da Cut Natural Born Chillers 1:34
25 Goldigger (Instumental) Kanye West (with Jamie Foxx) 2:02
26 Funkdafied EPS & 2Vibe 1:44
27 Goldigger (Uncensored) Kanye West (with Jamie Foxx) 4:13