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August 20th, 2008


Recorded August 08

The title comes from when i recorded this as i was settling into my new place in Boulder after moving from Denver.  This is a pretty aggressive mix, and features some of my favorite tunes from Audio, Phobia, Limewax and Ewun.


Phobia  -all points north
Keaton -invisible man
Noisia     & Teebee -lost cause
Audio -missing
Leon Switch-worms
Hive & Keaton & Echo & Gridlo -culture
Noisia & Black Sun Empire-infusion
Technical Itch (feat. Jakes MC)-soldiers
Limewax & The Panacea -pigeons n marshmellows
The Upbeast & State of Mind-panet earth
Cause 4 Concern -research (Usual Suspects remix)
Dom & Roland – imagination vip
Vicious Circle -doom train
Dom & Current Affairs – sand gun
Loxy -jinnel killa
Prolix & Nocturnal -crater
Spor – 103 degrees
Dom & Roland – trauma
Evol Intent – horns n halos (Ewun remix)
Dom & Roland – transmissions


July 10th, 2008

Blue Notes Dark Beats

Recorded July ’08

I’ve had alot of good feedback on this mix, especially from the non-DrumnBass heads.  This mix features alot more downtempo, and most of the DnB comes from Decoder’s Concussion EP or from the Essential Drum n Bass 6 cd pack from Beechwood Music.


Chemical Brothers – One Too Many Mornings
Tricky – Evolution Revolutin Love (Feat. Ed Kowalczyk)
AK1200 – Junior’s Tune (feat. Junior Reid)
Reagan & Carter – Changes
Amon Tobin – Easy Muffin
Decoder – Silent
Facs – Live & Direct
Massive Attack – Rsingson
The Mars Hall – Fierce
Decoder – Relapse
Groove Armada – Blue Skies (feat. RJD2)
Amon Tobin – Four Ton Mantis
Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps
Decoder – Bounty Hunter
Jurassic 5 – Sum of Us
Ram Trilogy – Evolution
Prefuse 73 – Matriminoids
Sasha – Baja
Universal Flava – Jazz Creation
Ko-Wrektion – Behavior (Prefuse 73 remix)
Jurassic 5 – Concrete Schoolyard


March 7th, 2008

A Sickness Known as Hate

Recorded March ’08


The title comes from a Twighlight zone sample featured on the Blatz / Filth split 12″ from ’91, (the below image is from that Twilight Zone episode).  You might notice the intro vocals from the legendary punk documentary The Decline of Western Civilization pt. 1.  Lots of Evol Intent on this mix, but hey, Era of Diversion was hands-down the best DnB album of ’08

A Sickness Known as Hate

A Sickness Known as Hate

The Decline of Western Civilization – Spoken Intro
Bad Company UK – the nine
Usual Suspects – Shrapnel
Usual Suspects – Contortion
E-Sassin – Nightstalker (feat. Twighlight Zone)
Evol Intent – Era of Diversoin
Evol Intent – Mutiny
Evol Intent – Dead on Arrival
Technical Itch – Reborn (Weapon Remix)
Robbie Rivera – Harder and Faster (Weapon vs. E-Sassin remix)
Evol Intent – 8-bit Bitch (feat. Ewun, Spor Remix)
N.W.A. – Dopeman
Calyx & Teebee – Dual Processed (feat. MC Verse)
Noisia & Phace – Levitation
Calyx & Teebee – The Divide (feat. Black Flag spoken word)
Usual Suspects – ED 209
Evol Intent – Odd Number (feat. Ewun, Vicious Circle)
The Militia – War Cry
Keaton – School of Hard Knocks
Amon Tobin – El Cargo
Evol Intent – Unexplained Sound (feat. Demo)


November 7th, 2007

Hasir Mix

Recorded Nov ’07


What can i say, my first completed mix.  A bit all over the place, starting out with lots of downtempo and hip hop and then moving into some drum n bass, and even some old Eat Static for good measure.  Highlights include the Canvas Records (Something for the Dancefloor / Carjacker) vs. Public Enemy mashup, along with the EPS & 2vibe vs. Kanye West mashup, enjoy!

hasir cover Hasir Tracklisting

01 The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste MC Shan 4:54
02 Hasir Modeselektor 2:05
03 Original Leftfield 3:49
04 Someday T. Raumschmiere 1:02
05 At the End of the Day Amon Tobin 2:46
06 Building Steam with a Grain of Sand DJ Shadow 2:55
07 Safe from Harm Massive Attack 3:49
08 Keep Your Distance Amon Tobin 3:00
09 Tusk Decoder 1:33
10 Carjacker (Ram Trilogy Remix) Billy Lo 1:02
11 Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos Public Enemy 5:03
12 Something for the Dancefloor (Stakka & Skynet Remix) Funk Parlor :50
13 Run’s House RUN-DMC 2:48
14 Stick Up Kid Mulder 1:02
15 Deep Cover (Instrumental) Dr. Dre 1:28
16 Keep it Real EPS &2Vibe 1:44
17 Deep Cover (Uncensored) Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg 3:44
18 Dionysiac Eat Static 2:47
19 Playground Shades Aphrodite 2:15
20 Can I Count it Off? Mulder 3:07
21 Street Knowledge Evol Intent 1:23
22 El Wraith Amon Tobin 4:31
23 Nigga wit a Gun Dr. Dre 3:07
24 Rip Da Cut Natural Born Chillers 1:34
25 Goldigger (Instumental) Kanye West (with Jamie Foxx) 2:02
26 Funkdafied EPS & 2Vibe 1:44
27 Goldigger (Uncensored) Kanye West (with Jamie Foxx) 4:13