April 16th, 2009

Satan Is Your God

YEEEUUUUHH, this mix is brutal.  Early 90′s industrial ala Godlfesh and Ministry vs. the hardest names in Darkstep/Techstep.

Recorded April ’09

Godflesh – Like Rats
The Upbeats – Fill Me In
Godflesh – Christbait Rising
Ewun – Hate Machine (Spor Remix)
Audio – New Bourne
Spor – Lose It
Minstry – NWO (Extended Dance Mix)
Technical Itch – Hex (Gein Remix)
Ministry – Scarecrow
Counterstrike and Gein – Pentagram
Enduser – Manoevre (Skeksis VIP)
Clint Mansell and Kronos Quartet – Requiem For a Dream (Summer Overture)
James Yee – Satan Is Your God (Spoken Word, Democracy Now, Feb 11th, 2007)
Alfred McCoy – Perfected Torture (Spoken Word, Democracy Now, Feb 11th, 2007)
Ministry – Faith Collapsing
Counterstrike and DJ Hidden – Vivid Reality
The Upbeats – Tonka (Feat. Ryme Tyme)
Ministry – Burning Inside
Audio – Premonition
Muffler – Demons
DJ Hidden – Past the Flesh
Ministry – Missing


November 6th, 2008


Recorded Nov ’08

This is one of my favorite mixes, the intro sample is from the original Dolph Lundgren version of The Punisher, later sampled by legendary NY Hardcore band Biohazard.  And, I threw in some My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult vs. Ice-t

Biohazard – Punishment (spoken word intro)
Counterstrike & Gener8 – Grey Matter
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Gas Chamber
Unknown Error – Killing Floors
State of Mind – Belarus
Break – Splash Step
Spor – Stoppit
DJ Hidden – Afterglow
Unknown Error – Exit
Final Reckoning – Ghosthacker
Dylan & SPL – Dark Soul
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult – Hand in Hand
Ice-T – Colors
Spor – Way of the Samurai
Audio Unit – Ready Now
Loxy & Ink – Straight Up Menace
The Upbeats – Will Shatner
Konflict & Usual Suspects – Contact
Phace – Brainwave VIP
Sinthetix – Dementia
Raiden – Bare Knuckle Fight
Corrupt Souls – Wounds ‘n Plaster
Noisia & Teebee – Moon Palace
Konflict – New World Order
Evol Intent – Reality Check
The Upbeats – Tilling Fields