March 24th, 2012

Random Movement @ Reduxn

Thurs March 29, Club Sutra, Denver CO
REDUXN + Here Comes the Bass presents:


Innerground – Nu.Directions – Intrigue Music – Rubik
… Records – Fokuz Recordings – Driven.AM – BASSDRIVE


“Not old music, not new music, just good music” is the Random Movement DJ’ing motto, an ideology that has carried his career to multiple performances at major club’s and festivals across 4 continents.

Ever since climbing onto the soulful drum and bass vibe 9 years ago, his production skills and DJ technique have pushed him to the forefront of state-side drum & bass.

Heads both old and young pack the clubs to hear his particular deep and uplifting vibe as he takes the crowd to big grins and smiles all around. With help from friend and fellow producer/DJ Marky, the epic Bassbin smasher “Stars in the Dark” hit in 2005 and flew up the charts, helping to put Random Movement firmly on the map.

Since then the releases and collaborations have been pouring forth, with projects including Mixmaster Doc, S.P.Y and Redeyes to name a few.

His tracks have turned many heads to his unique skills in both his songwriting and production, and his soulful, smooth and sleazy vibes have landed him releases on such labels as Innerground, Liquid V, CIA and Integral.

With an album which just came out on Innerground the first week of September 2011, weekly radio shows and a monthly podcast, as well as tours being planned all over the world, things are continuing to be very productive for this year and many more to come.

Back Room:

Front Room:
Shank Aaron
Just Ben





This REDUXN event is co-sponsored by Here Comes the Bass, Plush Recordings, and DnbRadio.

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October 6th, 2011

VOL 18 – Live from Denver Oct 5 2011

Volume 18!  Really happy with how this one turned out.  Tons of deep, creeping, bottom-heavy minimal tunes from Fade, Es.tereo, Triad, Anile, Blue Motion and Synth Sense to start things out, followed by some deep rollers with groovy horn solos,  new tracks from the last Cool Kids release and a little Massive Attack to even things out, and then some crushing hardstep bangers by Forbidden Society, Zero Method, and Blockhe4d. Enjoy!

57 tracks in 2 hours!

Symbol #2.4 – ASC & Bvdub
The Time Between Us – Nuage
Synth Sense – Synth Sense
Future Proof – Massive Attack
Despirados – Blue Motion
Best Friends In Love (Bachelors of Science Remix) – Silver Swans
Next Level – Synth Sense
Past, Present, Future – Triad & Synth Sense
Crooked – Triad
Sanctum – Fade & Kano
Left Hand of God – Blue Motion
After Dark – Synth Sense
Desert Dub – Morphy & Ges E
Thunderstorm – Fade
Excalibur – Es.tereo & Dakosa
Virus Invasion – Ena
Agypt – Es.tereo
Life is the Show – Getz
Hopetoun Bridge – Cern
Don’t Move – Arp XP
Something Wrong – Arp XP
Last March – Anile
Silkworm – ASC
Black Cat (Total Science Remix) – Danny Howells
Out of Nowhere – Break
Day Away – Against
Summer Jam (feat. Maxine Ashley) – The Cool Kids
4 The Love of – Grinda
Walking Away – Remo, Grimm & Blue Motion
Rebel at Heart – MOW & Global
Call My Name – Blueprint & Severity Zero
Adventures of the Junglist – Kraaska
Penny Hardaway (feat. Ghostface Killah) – The Cool Kids
Double Dipped – Code 3
Spectrum – Survival, DLR & Octane
Re-Vengeance – Nusense
What Remains? (Feat. Dabs) – Cern
Still Waters – Caine & Kantyze
Human Being – Cern
Rising Man – Zero Method
3d Action – Fade & Abiotic
N-Sphere – Allied
Reckless – Cause 4 Concern
Centershock – Polarity
Turrican (Optiv Remix) – The Sect
Control – Current Value & Forbidden Society
Kisses & Lies – Blockhe4d
Double Damage – Forbidden Society
No Future – Perfect Unknown
Afrika – Forbidden Society
Berlin – Loadstar
Absolute Power – Hybris & Presence Unkown
Shield – The Insiders
Spartan (Noisia Remix) – Icicle
Nemiga – Fade
Orientation – Landscapers
Disconnected – Apex


August 3rd, 2011

Vol 17 – Live From Denver

Volume 17!  Live from July 20th, i’m rocking 3 decks on my new Serato SL4.  A very leftfield / dubby intro with a lot of new Marcus Intalex, Bulb, Dub Phizix, Amon Tobin, Blue Motion and Kr4y.  Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack provides some nice cinematics, and stay tuned for a crazy Paul Wall vs. Blue Motion mashup around the 1hr 30 min mark.

And! don’t forget ASC @ club 2200 in Denver, Friday Aug 12.

53 Tracks in 2 hours!

Boards of Canada – Amo Bishop Roden
Technical Itch – Winter
Nine Inch Nails – Me, I’m Not
Technical Itch – Stonebreaker
Instra:Mental – Rift Zone
Cooh – Twins
ASC & Bvdub – Symbol #2.4
Es.tereo – G1.9
Cern – Shedding Skin
Daft Punk – Rinzler
Blue Motion – Untold Secrets
Amon Tobin – Lost & Found
UGK – Pimpin’ Aint No Illusion
Bulb – Lonely Gravity
ASC – Untitled 1
Mow – Blue Saturday
Bulb – Default Settings
Mow – Blue Saturday (Triad Remix)
Marcux Intalex & Riya – Regrets
Fourward – You & Me
Trap Starz Clik – Ballin Smashin
Marcux Intalex & S.P.Y. – Celestial Navigation
Anile – Change of Direction
Glen E Ston – The Final Frontier
Seba & Physics – Before I Can Breathe
SpectraSoul – Reminiscence
BTK – Not Going Back
Grimm & Nusense – Denile
Diamond Eye & Spindall – Whispers
Dub Phizix – Breathe
Dub Phizix – Out There
Lethal – Astral Slide (Subliminal & Alxr Remix)
Kr4y – Red Alert
Cause4Concern – Lifelike
Axiom – Anima
Bungle – Don’t Look Back
Diamond Eye & Spindall – Harmonic
Intelligent Manners – The Game
Notion – Mistrust
Fade – Druid
State of Mind – Temporal 96
Paul Wall (feat. Mark G., Kyle Lee) – My Life
Blue Motion – Miles Away
Daft Punk – Disc Wars
Kr4y – Chaindrive
Allied – N-Sphere
Flame & DP3 – Isolation
Allied – Isomer
Pessimist – Ganesha
Eiton – Grads
Dissect – Moulin (Lethal Remix)
Vicious Circle – Between the Lines
Zero Method – Marco Polo


July 7th, 2011

ASC @ Reduxn – Fri Aug 12 2011 / Club 2200, Denver CO

Friday, August 12 2011
Reduxn presents:

ASCNonplus+/ Exit / Autonomic / Auxiliary
1st ever Denver appearance!

local support:


Club 2200
22nd and Champa
Denver CO


facebook event:

June 29th, 2011

REDUXN – Minimal DnB / Dub

Coming up quick!!
Join us Friday July 8th for our 3rd installment of REDUXN. We’re still delivering the minimal sound, this time with the legendary Shank Aaron of Pillow Fight / Jungle Bums fame to throw down some minimal dubstep . ReconDnB’s SOLID also joins us to mix up some minimal dnb sound. Residents Elwood and Sideffect smooth out the night, and as always, there is NO COVER!

Shank Aaron
(Pillow Fight / Jungle Bums / aka Plan B)
(Recon DnB)

(Jungle Bums)

Friday July 8th

Club 2200
821 22nd st.
(corner of 22nd and Champa)
Denver CO

Facebook event:

May 21st, 2011

REDUXN – minimal drum n bass – fri.06.10.11

Our second night of minimal drum n bass approaches fast. Philliez from Recon DnB is tearing it up with us, and Budros returns with deeper crates and weirder sounds!

As Always

REDUXN – minimal drum n bass
Location: Club 2200
22nd and Champa, near lightrail
Denver CO

Start Date: 2011-06-10
Start Time: 21:00
End Date: 2011-06-11
End Time: 02:00

March 10th, 2011

Live From Boulder – March 9

I’ve noticed 2 things; minimal dnb keeps getting better, and this podcast keeps sounding weirder.  Loving this set, a grip of tunes from Broken Audio Recordings latest Raise the Bar LP, from the new Exit Records Mosaic Vol. 1, as well as from the new Quadrant, new Inside Info and the (older) Siren debut lp.  Make sure to listen to one of the best Two Fingers tracks at the 30:20 mark rocking with Distance and the new Morphy remix.  Enjoy!

Metal Work – Synth Sense
What a Job (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000) – Devin the Dude
Aria – Rockwell
A Healthy Distrust – Quadrant
Breath – Skeptical
Void – Altair & Es.tereo
Another World – Skeptical
Things I Do (Spectrasoul Remix) – BTK
Upload Crisis – Genotype
Blue Lights – DBridge Don’t Panic Remix – Panic Girl
Eastern Gates – Cern
Fading – Distance
Jewels and Gems – Two Fingers
The Calling (Morphy Remix) – Ges-E & Osmani Soundz
Cairo – The Insiders
Far East – Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds
Sermon – Ash
Crystalline – Noisia & Hybris
Bad Operate – Flatliners
Feeder – Kiat
Before I Fall – Mr. Smith & Sam KDC
Resurrection Hub – Mindmapper
Detuned Heart – Instra:mental
Lowride – Autechre
Invisible Cities – Croms
Sabbath – Hibea
CRTN 1 – Amoss & Thorne
Of Two Minds – Hybris
You Are All You Have – Chook & Claudine Muno
Dermaphoria – Quadrant
Repulsive – Meth
Spider Monkey (Cause 4 Concern Remix) – Stakka, Skynet & Shimon
Throw Light – Fierce & Siren
Razor Sharp – Mindscape & Jade
Mammoth Hunt – Dom & Roland
Blackout – Hive
Snorkel – Siren
Polus – B Cloud
Bit Rhythm – Inside Info
Storm Kingdom – Diode
The Method – Zero Method
Demolished – Limewax
Metrognome – Inside Info
Scumbag – Aeph
Outer Inside – Xilent
Jealous Skies – Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds



July 15th, 2010

Reduxn Live! at Forest Room 5 part 2

Here’s part 2 with Elwood.

Pt.1 Elwood
1. Synkro – Departure
2. Bop – Enjoy The Moment
3. Consequence ft. ASC – From a Distance
4. Vaccine – Ochre
5. Mode – Stats
6. Commix – Bear Music
7. June Miller – Converge
8. Rockwell – Full Circle
9. Instra:mental – Thugtronik
10. Commix – Underwater Scene
11. Lomax – Too Real
12. Skeptical – Transfer
13. Rockwell – Underpass
14. Sinistarr – Lynx is Playing at my House
15. Consequence – A Man and a Woman
16. Instra:mental – Watching You
17. Sabre – Marvel
18. Rockwell – Tribes
19. Naibu – Fireflies (Seba Remix)
20. D Bridge & Jubei – Patience
21. Need for Mirrors – Wasted Youth
22. Data – Vice
23. 8 Bits – So Good
24. Spectrasoul – Bygones
25. All Thieves – Stars (Zero T Remix)
26. D Bridge – Mourning Dawn
27. Code 3 – Response Call
28. Breakage – Temper


July 15th, 2010

Reduxn Live! at Forest Room 5, July 9th

Elwood, Budros and I ripped it up at Forest Room 5 in Denver last Friday night, playing the illest, deepest, darkest, and weirdest minimal drum n bass.  We recorded the minimal in all of it’s glory, enjoy!  Elwood’s set is coming up next in pt.2

Pt.1 Sideffect8

Vice – Data
Divide – Integer
Flashes – Consequence
Six Degrees of Separation – Sam Kdc
Hey – Jurassic 5
Makes Me Wonder – Gramatik
b4 – Bart K
Long Lies – Consequence
Enemy Within – Data
Inspiration Lies – Sam Kdc
Bad Girl – Two Fingers
Thugtronik – Insta:Mental
Theme From 1971 – DJ Vitamin D
Crackden – ST Files
Smile – Slim Thug
Sark – Marcus Intalex & ST Files
Focus Inwards – ASC
Fiasco – Triad
Express Yourself (extended mix)- NWA
Splice – Data
Curfew – Data
The Essence – Triad
Hide The Tears – Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds
Skinwalkers (Feat. DJ E & Dynamic) – Data
Doing My Job – Two Fingers
Last Gasp – Triad
Afterhours – Flame
Push it Along – Tribe Called Quest
Bionic Fingers – Nymfo
Truth Be Told – Sam Kdc
Behavior (Prefuse 73 Mix) – Ko-Wrecktion
Hajime – Loxy and Naibu